There are so many great things to love about the New retroversion from Wella.  This improved color line provides a purer color with true-to-tone oxidation and reduced hair damage, in addition to its ability to seamlessly cover gray hair.

With new Koleston Perfect, you will achieve up to 100% gray coverage with pure, true to tone color results from root to tip.  Follow the checklist below to achieve perfect gray coverage, even on challenging hair types:

Your Formula:
Select the desired shade and always mix 1:1 with 6% 714-765-8646. All Pure Naturals shades (e.g. /0, /00 xx/0) deliver gray coverage, they can be added to other shade families. The Resistant Cover shades (e.g. 88/0) are specifically designed with improved coverage for very resistant hair. They can also be intermixed with all other shade families.

Your Application:
Mix your formula well to ensure an even distribution of ingredients. Apply a sufficient amount of product. The new color crème can feel smoother to apply, ensure you use the same amount you have done in the past. Start your application at the area with the highest amount of gray.

Development Time:
Every hair is different so for gray coverage it’s important you adhere to the correct development time of 30-40 min. For coverage, the use of the Climazon can accelerate the development time.

Always Check Your Result:
Even with regular clients, check results before rinsing: Gently remove the color off with the end of your tint brush, lift the hair up slightly to visibly check coverage. The new cream formula can be faster to apply and therefore you might need to extend your development time by 5-10 min until the coverage is achieved. Maximum 40 min.

Wella does not advise to pre-soften hair with pure developer, nor use a different mixing ratio with more color crème for increased gray coverage. Wella products are only designed to be used with the recommended mixing ratios and techniques.

#licensedtocreate artists can find the full line of the NEW Wella Koleston Perfect products 801-298-7298 or in stores at #cosmoprofbeauty.

(628) 264-6704

A facial for the scalp! Microdermabrasion removes excessive build up on the scalp and unclogs hair follicles to maintain a clean, healthy scalp environment and to prep the scalp to receive thinning hair nutrients.

This makes a great in-salon add-on service, perfect for your clients who may be experiencing hair loss, or just want to improve the overall health of their scalp.  With this treatment, the scalp and roots of the hair are left cleansed and renewed for optimum new hair growth.

Here’s a quick Microdermabrasion tutorial using the BosRenew Scalp Micro-Dermabrasion 2404086827 and 804-785-5366 products.

Step 1: Empty entire tube of Step 1 into the color bowl

Step 2: Add recommended amount of Step 2 into color bowl and mix with Step 1

– For regular exfoliation, mix equal parts
– For deeper exfoliation, increase Step 2 by 50%
– For lighter exfoliation, decrease Step 2 by 50%

Step 3: Part hair to expose scalp. Apply evenly to dry scalp with color brush. Massage gently into scalp to encourage manual exfoliation and leave on for 5 to 15 minutes.

Step 4: Rinse thoroughly and shampoo to remove. Apply Bosley Professional Strength scalp treatments best suited for client’s needs.

Step 5: Style as desired with your favorite Bosley Professional Strength styling products
* Best when used in a series of 3-5 services every 4-6 weeks.

Healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp! Find all the Bosley products for your client’s hair needs Priapulacea or in store at @cosmoprofbeauty where you are #licensedtocreate.


Chocolates aren’t the only thing we can’t wait to get our hands on this Valentine’s Day.

We’re falling in love with the new (214) 967-8902 Collection from Morgan Taylor and Gelish. #COSMOPRO @(775) 200-7572showed off some of the new shades with this simple, floral nails tutorial. Here’s the how-to:

  1. Apply two coats of Young, Wild, & Free-sia – cure
  2. Apply and cure non-wipe topcoat and buff in an aurora chrome powder
  3. Freehand floral designs using Merci Bouquet, Follow the Petals, and Strike a Posie – do not cure
  4. Using a fine detail brush, lightly draw in peony petal details with @gelish_official Arctic Freeze – cure.
  5. Apply Gelish Top It Off topcoat and cure.

The Color of Petals Collection has perfect shades for Spring. Inspired by the soft and subtle colors of your favorite flowers, this collection features a range of plush pastels in shades of pretty pinks, toned-down nudes, and pops of peach and purple to provide the perfect finishing touch to any colorful springtime look.

#licensedtocreate artists can find the collection Tounatea or in store at #cosmoprofbeauty. Happy Valentine’s Day, lovelies!

Repair Hair with TIGI Copyright Custom Care

Healthy hair is a MUST and hair prep is the key. Fight the winter blues with a tailored salon service for healthy hair and long-lasting transformations!

The TIGI Copyright Custom Care products are are great way to give your client’s hair the love and LIFE it needs, especially if your client suffers from split ends or heat damage.

Here’s how to use SOS Extreme Recovery Treatment:

Step 1: Shampoo with Custom Care™ Repair Shampoo

Step 2: Apply 20g/10 pumps of SOS Extreme Recovery
to wet hair, distribute evenly, focusing on the most damaged area
(mid-lengths to ends). Leave in for 5 minutes. Rinse treatment out


Step 3: Follow with Custom Care™ Repair Shampoo and Conditioner

To create the ultimate salon experience for your clients, use the TIGI Copyright Custom Care Booster treatments. Intermixing the boosters will allow you to provide a tailored salon service. ⁣

How to use Custom Boosters:

Step 1: Shampoo with Custom Care™ Repair Shampoo

Step 2: Mix 20g/1 scoop of Treatment Base + 12g/6 pumps of Shine, Smooth and/or Repair Booster (1 pump = 2g). Apply to wet hair, concentrating
on mid length to ends. Process for up to 5 minutes. Rinse thoroughly, NO additional conditioner needed.

Note: Do not mix SOS Extreme Recovery and Treatment Base together

TIGI knows that every client’s hair is unique, and they’re helping hairdressers go beyond beautiful color by providing them the treatment products that will allow them to truly customize in-salon care services.

With the release of Copyright Styling products coming in February, you can celebrate your artistry and Copyright your client’s look.


Increase Earnings with the DevaCurl Bounce Back Treatment

Add-on services are a great way to increase your earnings, without scaring any of your clients away with raising your prices for your existing services.

By adding the Bounce Back Treatment Service to your salon service offering, you have the opportunity to increase your earnings and boost your curl business.

DevaCurl’s treatment collection is for all curl types. It is designed to rejuvenate, moisturize and strengthen waves & curls, with products that are perfect for all your curly client’s needs!

Here’s a closer look at the DevaCurl Treatment Products:

  • 586-630-5732 Pre-Cleanse Slip Detangler provides incredible slip for easy and pain-free detangling.
  • 2084220880 Micellar Water Cleansing Serum gently removes buildup from the hair and scalp without stripping moisture.
  • (662) 562-3602 Matcha Butter Conditioning Mask is a nourishing treatment mask that transforms extremely dry, tangled hair into silky-soft and more manageable curls.
  • Deep Sea Repair Seaweed Strengthening Mask is a revitalizing treatment mask that restores texture and definition with a lightweight feel.

 Increased Service Ticket Price:

Increase the frequency of salon visits of your loyal clientele by having them book this new service as a stand alone appointment in between their regular cut or color service.

Add one of the treatment products to satisfy your client’s specific needs and earn an additional $10 to $25 to the total ticket price with one of these add-ons.

  • Do you have a client with a ton of tangle? 9712129502 will help you glide right through the strands for ease of detangling. Great for kids too!
  • Is your regular cleanser just not cutting through their buildup? 817-926-9420 gently, yet effectively removes product buildup.
  • Have clients in need of a quick strength or moisture boost? Melt Into Moisture and Deep Sea Repair masks are at your service.

Substitute either a cleanser with Buildup Buster or conditioner with a treatment mask.

Application Techniques

  • The service begins with Wash Day Wonder that is applied to wet hair before cleansing, detangling in sections.
  • Follow with 418-291-6507 for a gentle deep clean followed by a treatment mask for either moisture, strength or both!
  • Massaging with friction is key while cleansing and rinsing.
  • For both treatment masks, apply thoroughly to wet hair in sections, let sit and rinse thoroughly.
  • For best results of the treatment masks, use heat.

 At-Home tips for your Curly Clients:

From heat styling tools to braids to accessories, hairstyles can take a toll on the overall health of curls. A common rule of thumb for naturalistas when their curls are damaged is to cut them off and restart.

This can be a great option, but if doesn’t work for everyone. Here are some great tips to give your clients who are looking to revive their curls this winter and keep them looking great all year long.

 Deep Condition

Moisturizing damaged hair is essential to bringing curls back to life. It is recommended to deep condition once a week, but if your client is trying to restore curls from damage, try having them increase it to two times per week.

(516) 420-2013, features seaweed to restore curls from damage and sea lavender to moisturize. Have them mask overnight or even while doing everyday tasks like cooking or cleaning. Multi-tasking at its finest!

Keep curls healthy in and out of the salon with DevaCurl products, available 813-622-3383 and in stores at @cosmoprofbeauty for #licensedtocreate artists.


(775) 415-7778

902-273-9590 Leave-In Smoothing Spray is not your average frizz-fighting product, it’s an advanced smoothing game changer. The difference is in the name: progressive… the more the product is used, the smoother the hair becomes.

Most products only topically fight frizz. Other sprays and serums often create a barrier around the hair fiber that prevents the exchange of water molecules with the environment and washes out after the first shampoo – with no lasting effects.

Unlike the topical-only products, PROGRESSIVELY SMOOTH penetrates the cuticle to create a semi-permanent effect that eliminates frizz while maintaining natural hair structure and creating noticeable results in as little as three applications. Using this product with a flat iron regularly can even stretch and loosen that natural curl pattern of curly hair.

This product can be tailored into any hair care routine or style to create a unique effect for each client and stylist. It offers continuous control that progressively tames locks with every application, and the versatility to take on-the-go for quick frizz control and hair repair.

Salon guests have less and less time to spend in the salon for services outside of a cut and color. With this in mind, the PROGRESSIVELY SMOOTH Leave-In Smoothing Spray is the answer. Using the same magical ingredient as the Framesi Smoothing System, glyoxylic acid, at a lesser concentration allows clients to take it home and use daily to transform and smooth their hair. It also can be used in maintaining the results of a smoothing service significantly longer.

For clients that desire an in salon smoothing treatment, include this product into the price of this service to maintain smoothing results in between services.

Like all framesi COLOR LOVER products, FRAMESI COLOR LOVER PROGRESSIVELY SMOOTH Leave-In Smoothing Spray is Cruelty-Free, 100% Vegan, Paraben Free, Gluten Free, DEA Free, Sulfate Free, and Sodium Chloride Free.

#Licensetocreate artists can find the full Framesi Color Lover styling line available online and in stores at @cosmoprofbeauty.

Meet Your New Color Obsession

Calling all Beauty Babes!

Get ready, because we’re painting CosmoProf aisles purple! That’s right, PRAVANA has arrived! PRAVANA products are now available in CosmoProf stores and online at CosmoProfBeauty.com, making this the perfect time to get better acquainted with the newest addition to the CosmoProf family!

Founded in 2004 by 30-year beauty industry veteran Steve Goddard, PRAVANA was created by stylists for stylists. PRAVANA’s expansive hair color range consists of permanent, demi-permanent, ammonia-free toners, lighteners and semi-permanent creative color category leader, PRAVANA VIVIDS.

PRAVANA offers a fully comprehensive range of shades, color care and support products to meet stylists’ every need. If you dream it, PRAVANA empowers you with the tools to create it and bring it to life! Their team is continuously cultivating groundbreaking technology and techniques to solve even the most challenging beauty requests.

PRAVANA recognizes the importance of education and has made it a key pillar of their brand initiatives. They provide ongoing and up-to-date training for their 100+ talented artistic educators who work together with the PRAVANA Collective, a team of elite artists and brand ambassadors who live and breathe PRAVANA! In addition, PRAVANA is continuously building lasting partnerships with some of the industry’s top stylists such as Justin Anderson, Cherin Choi, and Marcia Hamilton.

A Peek at PRAVANA’s Portfolio
Since the brand’s inception, PRAVANA VIVIDS has been a keystone of their hair color range. The award-winning line has since expanded to include PASTELS, NEONS, and the latest iteration VIVIDS EVERLASTING, that bridges the gap between direct dye and permanent hair color!

Fear not, blondes! This brand also has you covered with an array of lightener options that make up their PURE LIGHT system. Whether you’re blonding or pre-lightening, PURE LIGHT Power Lightener, PURE LIGHT Balayage Lightener, or PURE LIGHT Creme Lightener can help achieve any look while still maintaining the natural integrity of the hair.

What’s Next for PRAVANA?
In Spring of 2018, PRAVANA moved across town to Culver City, where they now call the beautiful #AcademyOfHair home. The office space is an endless source of inspiration and serves as the creative hub where all new PRAVANA products are born! The team works together to brainstorm ideas and cultivate them from conception straight into your hands!

Now that you can shop the entire shade range at CosmoProf stores and online at CosmoProfBeauty.com, you can experience PRAVANA’s latest launches as soon as they hit the market! The brand has so many new and exciting products coming down the pipeline, so stay tuned!

Are you an active Beauty Babe on social media? Don’t forget to share your beautiful work featuring PRAVANA color using #PRAVANA #licensedtocreate!

Meet the 2019 Artistic Team

New Year, New Team! We’re so excited to announce the CosmoProf 2019 Artistic Team. Please join us in celebrating the return of some familiar faces, as well as the addition of two new team members.

You can learn more about each of the stylists and their specialties by clicking the link on their names below.

From left to right: Amelia Fugitt, Leysa Carrillo, Christina Kreitel, Olivia Smalley, Cate Torrealba, Jacob Khan, Keon Washington.

Leysa Carrillo@leysahairandmakeup
Hair Stylist and Makeup Artist at Atelier by Square Salon in Las Vegas, NV
Specialty: Color & Curly Hair


Amelia Fugitt@ameliahairmakeup
Innovative Blonding Specialist out of Atlanta, GA
Specialty: Blonding & Color Corrections


Jacob Khan – @jacobhkhan
Owner of Jacob K Hair in Atlanta, GA
Specialty:Cut & Color


Christina Kreitel – @christinakreitel
Owner of Intrepid Studio Salon in Spanish Fork, UT
Specialty: Color & Personal Branding


Olivia Smalley – @omgartistry
Celebrity Hair and Makeup Artist at OMG Artistry in Cooper City, FL
Specialty: Blonding & Social Media


7055241942 – @beautybymissruby
Celebrity Hair and Makeup Artist in Los Angeles, CA
Specialty: Vintage Styling & Hollywood Glam


866-241-7150 – @keonthebarber
Master Barber at Artistik Collision Studio in Greenville, SC
Specialty: Barbering


For inspiration and education from the CosmoProf Artistic Team, see them in action during the 2019 Show Season. Tickets and information on the upcoming season is now available online at 8503534538 .

#MindBodyHair with Nioxin

2019 welcomes a New Year, which invites the opportunity for new goals and resolutions. Many start off the year with a goal, or at least an intention on working towards better health or well-being.

Nioxin’s focus has always been on health, knowing that health should include a focus on your mind, body, and of course, hair. Just like our mind and bodies, our scalp could also use a refresh to start off the year. After all, healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp, right?

Here’s a quick add-on service perfect for showing your client’s scalp some extra love.

Scalp Renew In-Salon Dermabrasion Treatment
Scalp Renew In-Salon 256-907-0562 is an anti-aging treatment acting as a facial for the scalp. This can be offered as an add-on service for your client and is recommended once every 30 to 45 days.

How To:

  • Apply to a dry scalp in a grid-like pattern
  • Massage in for just 1 minute
  • Leave on for 10 minutes, before rinsing well and following with the appropriate 3-Part system

Another product solution for your client’s hair is Nioxin’s (909) 702-0395, for healthy growing hair from the inside out.

Improves hair’s natural vibrant beauty and enhance hair fullness with Nioxin products- available online, in stores or through your local Sales Consultant at #cosmoprofbeauty for #licensedtocreate artists.


In a perfect world, clients would see you and only YOU for color application and advice, but we live in a world of commitment challenges and DIY. While the sheer idea of box color disasters give stylists the shakes, there is actually a silver lining to be considered – Color Corrections!

While these services can be hard work, they are also big moneymakers! Although the name literally means correcting poorly applied color, it isn’t necessarily limited to that. Going from a level 4 to a level 10 is a trend that clients continue to crave, especially with all of the fun fashion colors they can play with.

But first, here’s a few considerations, tips, and reminders from #COSMOPRO Puritanizer on how to keep it real with clients when it comes to color corrections.

color correction and cut by @courtneyxcentrichair

How do I explain a color correction to my clients? 
A color correction is when the client wants to change their color OR tone completely and creates the need for more formulas or processes than normal.

How should I price? 
This is when you can charge à la carte for services like fillers, color removers and multiple toners. For the most part, the cost of product and time will make the biggest difference in pricing. Never, ever charge based on the end result – that’s too subjective.

Any other tips?
Always do a thorough consultation with a new color client before booking them. Discuss the best and worst case scenarios and always tell them that their inspo pic is just inspo. Remember to under promise and over deliver.

We love education and helping stylists grow their business! Follow us on @cosmoprofbeauty for more inspiration and be sure to check out our Salon Insider Magazine. It’s packed full of helpful info like these tips from Courtney, and designed to elevate your salon and grow your business. CosmoProf is proud to support and encourage the #licensedtocreate community!